Belk continues to make significant investments in stores to build sales and market share and create compelling shopping environments that appeal to our customers and align with our brand. Our real estate plans include identifying new markets and expanding the number of Belk flagship locations that offer a compelling shopping environment and expanded assortments of premium brand fashions with a regional impact.

Last year, the Company invested over $80 million in real estate projects that included the opening of new flagship stores and several full-scale remodels and expansions.

The company is investing in a new digital store initiative to upgrade store technology that encompasses electronic equipment and systems, customer Wi-Fi, new PIN pads, a new touch-screen point-of-sale platform with access at the register and the use of both fixed registers and mobile devices to process in-store customer transactions.

The Company will continue to explore new store opportunities within its existing 16-state footprint and in contiguous markets where Belk can leverage its name and reputation to distinguish its stores from the competition.

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