Our Culture

We set trends through our merchandise and, more importantly, through the way we work. At Belk you will find a positive, inclusive, vibrant and fast-paced environment where you have access to all the tools and resources necessary to be effective in your job. Furthermore, we know access to senior leadership is critical to making company-wide initiatives a reality and getting great ideas to the forefront of our business. Time and time again, our associates are grateful for the opportunities they have to meet with Belk´s senior most leaders.

At Belk we believe that Southern isn’t just a place, it’s an attitude, a state of mind and a way of doing business that has made our company and associates so successful over the years. It´s what makes us unique; it´s what makes us Belk. Come work with a great team of people and enjoy the security and stability of a solid, established company who is committed to its values for over 125 years!

Above all else, here you’ll find opportunities to make huge impact. It´s the result of dynamic initiatives, financial and structural support, and strong investments in the areas that are taking Belk to new heights.

Diversity & Inclusion

For us, Modern Southern Style is more than a tagline; it is a way of life, inclusive of all the rich diversity that exists in the South. We embrace a diverse and inclusive culture, where the unique talents and perspectives of our associates fuel innovation and increase business performance, enabling us to best serve our associates, customers, suppliers and communities.

We actively work to:

  • Create intentional Awareness of our individual and group differences
  • Leverage external data and internal business resource groups to Understand the needs of our diverse customer base
  • Strengthen an Inclusive culture that encourages collaboration and innovative thinking
  • Appreciate diversity of thought as our greatest strength

We see different perspectives, experiences and backgrounds as an opportunity to leverage new ideas, solutions and better outcomes that grow our business. We accomplish this through:

  • Our People Working to attract and develop the best and brightest talent
  • Our Workplace Creating an engaging and inclusive culture where our associates bring their authentic selves to work, driving productivity and innovation
  • Our Customers Understanding the needs and diverse expectations of the multicultural marketplace increasing customer satisfaction and brand loyalty
  • Our Community Strengthening communities by actively partnering with organizations where our associates and customers live, work, and play
  • Our Suppliers Identifying and partnering with qualified women and minority-owned businesses, stimulating economic development

Professional Development

Building a career at Belk includes developing the knowledge and skills necessary to perform your current job and any future assignments. Training is provided throughout your career with a variety of instructor-­led sessions, on­line courses, reference materials and on-­the­-job activities, including the following programs:

Belk University

The mission of Belk's Learning & Development department is to provide quality skills training and development programs that meet the needs of the business and support our corporate goals. Ongoing training courses are offered on a continuous basis to support your development and build upon core competencies. Belk University is utilized to provide learning and development solutions to build individual and team capabilities for stores, merchants and corporate associates.


Belk recognizes that a smooth transition into the company is important to your success. As a new associate, you will have an on-boarding plan specifically designed based on your position. Key conversations are also scheduled between you and your team to help you quickly acclimate to our company and culture.


Efficacy for Professionals of Color (EPOC) is a program supporting our ongoing commitment to encouraging diversity and inclusion in the workplace. The program is a 2-day facilitated session that provides participants with techniques to maximize their workplace contributions, sustain a competitive advantage, and increase confidence in areas that can disrupt career momentum.

Sales Team Manager Development Program

This 5 month program prepares Belk associates for promotion into a Sales Team Manager position. The program is facilitated through workbook activities focused on leadership skills, driving sales and profit, merchandise presentation standards and operations. Participants are partnered with a Sales Team Manager who serves as coach, training coordinator and supervisor, providing ongoing support throughout the program.

Associate Development Program

The Belk Associate Development Program is a targeted program for Associate Buyers and Associate Product Managers. During this year­long program Associates participate in leadership classes as well as monthly sessions based on business case. Participants gain valuable leadership feedback and exposure as they progress through the program.

Executive Training Programs

Executive Training programs for Stores, Merchandising and Corporate Finance are designed for college graduates to begin their careers in Belk’s key business areas. See our college recruiting webpage for more details.


The Belk mentoring program offers a structured setting in which to develop beneficial one-­on-­one relationships between mentors and mentees. Mentors and mentees are matched based on various factors and will meet throughout the course of the year program. Both mentor and mentee benefit from the mentoring relationship by sharing knowledge and experiences.

Store Manager Development Program

The purpose of this program is to provide Assistant Store Managers and newly promoted Store Managers the education, exposure and experience around the functional and leadership skills needed to successfully manage a store. While potential store managers are not guaranteed a promotion by attending this program, it offers an excellent opportunity to interact with high­-performing peers and learn successful management techniques from experts in the Divisions, Store Management and Belk Corporate.

Accelerated Leadership Program

This 6 month development program is designed to provide high potential Sales and Operations Team Managers the skills needed to be “job ready” for promotion to an Assistant Store Manager role. The program is led by leadership development and is facilitated by subject matter experts from corporate and store leadership. Content is designed to develop skills in operations, leadership, networking, and on-the-job application and is delivered through live training events, webinars, computer-based training and on-the-job project assignments.

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