Position Summary:
PreFlight Specialist/Coordinator - Responsible for the timely and accurate preflight for all print, direct mail jobs within
the advertising department.
• Serves as primary liaison between the advertising production/creative and premedia departments.
• Confirms with Marketing Operations Lead all key campaign elements and strategy objectives.
- Is present for and actively participates in all discussions relating to templates.
• Reviews all print, direct mail campaigns for inconsistencies.
- Checks all electronic art files before they are released to Premedia.
- Reports all findings to Manager of Graphic Design as well as to teams.
• Ensures that all design templates are accurate.
- Proofreads all print marketing offers prior to final release of jobs.
- Spot checks all print and direct mail page files to ensure that department and company standards are met
and all design inconsistencies have been mitigated.
• Serves as primary liaison between the advertising production/creative and premedia departments.
• Communicates with appropriate teams to resolve missing image inquiries.
• Provides technical feedback and insight on post-production capabilities to aid in planning and executing creative direction.
• Develops Production Artists by providing necessary training and appropriate coaching to ensure work is accurate and
completed according to deadline.
Serves as Quality Assurance member pre/post final proof, verifying the accuracy of all advertising print materials
ensuring 100% accuracy to include the following:
- Create a duplicate folder with job name and back up job in the ~ premedia backup folder.
- Create job folder in your preflighting folder; move indesign files from job server to new job folder
- Check correct number of pages.
- Clean up sides of file board.
- Check file size is correct.
- Template - placed at 100% and aligned with document, guides in correct position, fpo and die line in order.
- Coupon is correct size and in correct position, check coupon bar-code against event proof, the run dates
“Subject to credit approval” copy needs to be8 pt and bold, single use bar-codes go on fpo layer.
- Variable layer has type safety around type and does not sit on color with ink limit greater than 15%.
- Check to see if job tag is in place; if not, add it.
- Go through layer palette and clean up and delete non needed layers
- Move notes to markup layer.
- Select everything on one side of spread to verify all content is on the correct layer, repeat on other page;
move as needed.
- Run through layers and compare to swing list and check against slug tags.
- Check back cover exclusions are correct and verify job number at end is correct with correct a\b version on end.
- Run through layers and compare to swing list and check against slug tags.
- Indicia in place with enough space if needed.
- With all layers turned on, go through preflight panel with specific job profile set and fix all errors on page e.G.
Type safety, color, trim hazard, jpegs, missni g font, overset text.
- Images that require extended backgrounds. Should be filled in w/pink and noted on markup layer.
- Alignment of elements on page e.G. Page folios, image boxes, copy, rules.
- Check content for readability issues.
- Use link palette to review link location of every graphic element E.G. Images, logos.
• Reviews printing trends, consumer surveys, and other data regarding printing/imaging of specific and related goods and
services to formulate presentation approach.
- Analyzes what other retailers are doing in an effort to identify important trends in printing son we are
competitive with the marketplace.
• Adheres to all project deadlines.
• Provide clear historical documentation for all past projects.
• Prioritizes, tracks, handles and maintains records of the elements and time schedules of multiple projects.
• Adheres to all Quality Assurance Process and Procedures, i.e Preflight Checklist.
• Extensive hands-on experience in catalog and ROP retouching. Image manipulation that includes general color correction,
creating silos, and performing complex image manipulation and composition changes.
• Extensive hands-on experience in production of catalog pages exported to PDF’s
• Extensive experience in prepress that provides a thorough understanding of the various needs of the printer for various
processes (lithography and Gravure), paper grades, bindery issues, etc.
• Completes additional tasks as assigned.
Effective interpersonal and communication skills; both written and verbal
• Stron Strong time and project management skills with the ability to juggle multiple priorities
• Self-starter with ability to thrive within a fast-paced, dynamic environment
• Highly organized with strong attention to detail
• Demonstrated ability to work effectively across functional groups

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