Belk Internship Program Overview

Our internship program provides students with exposure to senior leaders, professional development workshops, structured assignments and social events over 10 weeks each summer. No matter the area of business, every day is packed with real-world experience and exposure to roles within departments across our company.

In addition to working with partners in their field, interns tackle a group project with peers focused on innovation and growth for our company. Overall, this program is designed to provide an understanding of the complexities of big box department stores, as well as the excitement of the retail and e-commerce industries.

You’ll find opportunities in traditional retail positions like Store Management, Buying, Planning, Design and e-commerce, along with corporate internship opportunities in Accounting, Finance, Human Resources, Supply Chain, Communications and Information Technology. Outstanding interns will be invited to apply for the Retail Development Program and may receive offers before going back to school in the Fall.

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Belk Voices

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Hannah, Planner

"I chose Belk based on the company culture that was presented to me during the interview process. The people I interviewed with and interactions I had during the corporate tour all felt very authentic and welcoming so I could envision myself enjoying coming to work here every day."
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Ally, HR Business Partner, Lead

"The best part of my Belk internship was that I was given unique experiences that allowed me to grow and develop as a young professional. Having the opportunity to participate in enterprise wide projects, contribute in meetings with all levels of leadership, and shadow across different functions was incredibly valuable. The connections that I made, the encouragement and development I received, and the amazing culture that is “Belk” were all main factors that encouraged me to return for full time employment."

Morgan, Assistant Buyer

"I interned in the Women’s Salon & Bridge Shoes Office! Waking up and being functional at 8am was a challenge some days, but my buyer ensured my days were jam packed with vendor meetings, best seller reviews, advertising layouts and pricing reviews. At the end of my internship, I was allowed to attend the Fall 2015 Atlanta Market to gain an understanding of how market appointments work along with the product selection process. Interning at Belk was one of the best summers of my life!"
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Taylor, Sr Company Planner

"I loved the opportunity to learn about the buying office I was placed in as well as learning about the total company. We were able to learn about every area of business from merchandising to stores, e-commerce, supply chain, and private brands. These experience allowed me to learn and grow with a full picture of how the company works."